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GraphDraw Site Licence

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GraphDraw is a software tool designed to teach graph theory for A Level Computing/Computer Science. It enables exploration of user-defined graphs in two different ways, one employing a depth-first search algorithm and one employing a breadth-first search algorithm. 

The licence grants an institution the right to use GraphDraw concurrently on up to 50 computers. It may be installed on more computers but its use at any one time is restricted to 50 computers. If you need to use GraphDraw on more than 50 computers at a time then licences are sold in units of 50 concurrent users. Discounts may apply depending on how many licences are required. To place an order you may send an official order from your institution to Educational Computing Services. Credit facilities are strictly 30 days.  

Price quoted is without VAT. This product incurs VAT at 20%.

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